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Thursday, September 14, Mount Saint Vincent Convent, 6301 Riverdale Avenue, Bronx                                         2:00 PM


Friday, September 15, Goddard Riverside Senior Center, 593 Columbus Ave, New York                                         1:30 PM


Wednesday, September 20, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Senior Center, 343 East 70th Street, New York      1:00 PM


Thursday, September 21, YM-YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood, 54 Nagle Avenue, New York               12:00 PM


Wednesday, September 27, Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home, 1339 York Avenue, New York                            2:30 PM


Thursday, September 28, Brown Gardens, 225 East 93rd Street, New York                                                              2:30 PM

Friday, September 29, Frederic Flemming House, 443 West 22nd Street, New York                                                2:00 PM


Wednesday, October 4, Lillian Wald Older Adult Center, 12 Avenue D, New York                                                       1:00 PM


Thursday, October 5, Swinging 60’s Senior Center, 211 Ainslie Street, Brooklyn                                                      1:00 PM


Sunday, October 8, Atria, 333 West 86th Street, New York                                                                                           3:00 PM


Monday, October 9, Amsterdam Nursing Home, 1060 Amsterdam Avenue, New York                                             2:30 PM


Wednesday, October 11, Search and Care @ Brick Presbyterian Church, 62 East 92nd Street, New York             2:00 PM


Friday, October 12, Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, 1249 5th Avenue, New York                                 2:00 PM 

If you would like to attend a live Vocal Ease show listed above, please email Vocal Ease at or call 212 579-5386.

To view a sample of Vocal Ease's videos made in response to the pandemic click here. If you would like to receive our telephone concerts please let us know by emailing Vocal Ease at or calling 212 579-5386.

If you would like to attend a Vocal Ease show 
please contact Eva Swan at 212-579-5386

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