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After 17 months of halting all live, on-site shows due to COVID-19, we are pleased that Vocal Ease is slowly resuming some live, on-site performances:

October 1, Encore Senior Center, 239 West 49th Street, New York                                       12:00 PM


October 14, Upper East Side Nursing Home, 211 East 79th Street, New York                       2:30 PM


October 20, Cobble Hill Health Center, 380 Henry Street, Brooklyn                                        2:30 PM

October 28, Good Companions Senior Center, 334 Madison Street, New York                     12:30 PM

In addition, the production of our virtual work is ongoing into the foreseeable future. Click here to view a sample of our exciting videos. If you would like to receive our telephone concerts please let us know by emailing Vocal Ease at or calling 212 579-5386.

If you would like to attend a Vocal Ease show 
please contact Eva Swan at 212-579-5386

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